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Abundant culture and nature

Take it to another level in Ecuador Book a flight to Quito and discover the second highest capital in the world. Visit the Parque Metropolitano, the largest urban park in South America, or stroll through Quito's old city centre with more than 40 churches. Set foot on the Mitad del Mundo monument, where you will be in the middle of the world as you stand right on the equator.

Discover the treasures of Quito

Lively squares, narrow streets and centuries-old architecture: the city centre of Quito is breathtakingly beautiful and deserves its nickname: the Treasury of South America. Visit the stunning San Francisco and Santo Domingo monasteries and La Compañía's Jesuit school. The fascinating interiors combine Spanish, Italian, Moorish, Flemish and indigenous artwork. Looking for a refreshment? Sample a chilled ceviche fish dish, perfect on a hot day. Quito is not only the ideal destination for a city trip, but also as the starting point for a longer vacation in Ecuador. Treat yourself: book a flight to Quito now!

Admire the city's many lookouts

Looking for the best view of the Andes Mountains? Climb up to El Panecillo, a hill of volcanic origins that sits in the middle of the city. Or drive along the foothills of the Pichincha volcano and take the cable car. It whisks you to an altitude of 4,000 metres above sea level. In the district of La Mariscal you will find many fine crafts for sale, such as handmade jewellery, llama wool rugs and indigenous art. These are great souvenirs to take home.

Flights to Quito for a unique holiday

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