Ice-cold delicacies

Whatever the season: Italians love their gelato (ice-cream). This cold delicacy is sold on almost every corner. Although there really is no ‘bad’ ice-cream anywhere in Italy, some parlours are just a step above the rest. Surprising fact: the prettiest gelato is not always the best!

Via dei Coronari

Via dei Coronari

Mud-green pistachio

A good indicator of quality is pistachio ice-cream. Proper pistachio ice-cream is made with real pistachio nuts and has a mud-green colour instead of the bright green that is so common elsewhere. Gelateria del Teatro shows you how it’s done. This ice-cream parlour is hidden in a dead-end alley behind Via dei Coronari. You’ll have to search for it but once found you’ll enjoy the most delicious ice-cream made from the very best ingredients. Stefano Marcotulli and his wife Silvia opened Gelateria del Teatro in 2006. The former pastry chef selects all the products they use, which results in some truly irresistible gelato. Pistachio nuts from Sicily and lemons from Amalfi – only the best will do! In addition to standard flavours, adventurous types can sample creations such as raspberry and sage, white chocolate and basil, and fennel and caramelised almond. Stefano is a man with a passion, and you’ll taste his enthusiasm in every bite.

Fruit and chocolate

At Come il Latte, the motto is creamy, creamier, creamiest. With flavours such as ‘caramello al sale’ (salted caramel) and ’mascarpone con biscotti gentillini’ (mascarpone with crispy biscuits) you’ll easily satiate your need for comfort food. The fruit flavours are equally delicious and made only from the freshest seasonal products. The look is completed with a wafer in your ice-cream, covered in white or dark chocolate.

The cremolato consists mainly of fruit

The cremolato consists mainly of fruit


In addition to gelato, the cremolato is also extremely popular. Although the name might suggest otherwise, this cold treat does not contain any milk or cream but consists mainly of fruit. The delicacy is especially popular in Rome and Sicily. The best place in Rome to try an exceptional cremolato is Casa del Cremolato. The bar is located in the busy district of Trieste and has been in the hands of the De Angelus family for around 40 years. The recipe is simple: fresh ripe fruit mixed with sugar which is then frozen. The perfect indulgence on a hot summer day!

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